All About Grace Smart Interior Design

Hello, I'm Grace Smart a graduate of Cardiff Metropolitan University 2021. Here you can dive into my recent projects as well as my CV, portfolio and social media links.


I believe Interior design is an important part of our lives as it can shape and influence our five senses and how we can react in a space. I have a passion for exploring the importance of integrating nature into interior spaces. As we live in a world that is needing to move towards a more sustainable way of living. I explore in deep throughout my projects the materiality and furnishes, which hold an eco-friendly stance. I believe that as designers, we can lead the change for design and how spaces can encourage the natural world rather than oppose it. I have a strong appreciation for the natural world and how it can impact our well-being. I feel extremely passionate about reconnecting clients and users of the space, back to nature. Whether that’s through the nature of the space, the nature in the space. From this, I’m drawn to the design styles of Organic Modernism design and Biophilic design. My ethos & style has also developed through my love for Textile design. I feel excitement towards texture, colour and form, and how as designers' we can translate a mood or feeling into an interior space. As well as how they can be used to create interior spaces, which are relatable to their surrounding environments. I hope my future within Interior design allows my love for natural design to flourish. By designing with nature and the environment we can begin to rebuild the connection between humans and nature. ​

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch, enjoy.