Existing Site


Here I began on my first private project, the site was located in Gower Peninsula, Wales. The semi-detached property was a run-down home with a need for a new lease of life. The client wanted to create an element of indoor-outdoor living, which would make the most of the generous garden space. I began by creating mood boards focusing on the indoor-outdoor element and a combination of modern and natural finishes throughout.

moodboard mum.PNG

Initial mood-board 

CADS of proposed extension-

Removed existing conservatory, and replaced with new extension with bi-fold doors and skylights to allow for maximal natural light into indoor space. Using a combination of cladding and white render to create a modern yet natural finish. Paired with greenery to soften the exterior.

front visual.PNG
outside area.PNG

Existing Space

The existing space was run down and had an opaque roof, which was restricting the natural light into the interior space. By adding bi-fold doors as well as skylights the light would be able to pour into the interior. By introducing the same exterior flooring to the interior it can allow the spaces to connect as one. This will help to create the indoor/ outdoor living environment the client wanted. 

We began working with the client on 

the proposed extension which would house the new kitchen dining space. The client wanted the space to flow from indoor and outdoor. The bold green-hued cabinets create a warm feel, yet still a suitable connection to the surrounding outside environment.

Initial mood-board 

By using a similar colour 

palette to the exterior

it will allow the spaces to

work together. The green

hued kitchen cabinets, 

will encourage a warmth 

to the space as well as a 

connection to the outside

greenery. Paired with 

rattan textures it will allow

the textures to contrast, 

yet complement the 

the scheme as a whole.

Initial CAD render

kitchen view.PNG