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This brief was centred around redesigning an existing coastal building located in Downderry Cornwall. The two-storey building will be redesigned into a nature retreat in which clients can come and enjoy the site and the Onson inspired pools at the rear of the site.

inn on the shore test.png

Proposed first floor plan

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inn on the shore ground floor plan 29th.

Proposed ground floor plan

1:100 @ A1 

Outdoor onsen pool experience

new lounge.PNG

Apartment- Open plan living

kitchen new.PNG

The Jungle Room

On the first floor of the building, there will be six letting rooms in which clients can come and stay at the retreat and use our facilities. I wanted the design style to be strong in reflecting the surrounding environment.  The rich wallpaper is complemented by the green-hued paint, the furnishes mirror the colours from the wallpaper.

palm tree bedroom visual.PNG

The Plant Room

 The colour palette reflected the surrounding environment from the sandy toned herringbone flooring and the bold, blue-hued wallpaper.


The Ocean Room

Here are another one of the letting rooms with a view out to the sea. Using a similar colour palette, however a contrast in textures with the wooden cladding, headboard, in connection to the exterior finish. The wallpaper creates a connection to the coastal environment in which the site is located.


The Restaurant Space

The restaurant was a key element to the brief as I wanted to design a social dining space, with a formal yet relaxed environment.

bar resturanat with pendant.PNG

The Bar Space

The main bar space was another important design concept to consider as I wanted to create a social space in, which clients can come and enjoy the space as well as the surrounding coastal views. Throughout the scheme, I wanted to use locally sourced recycled materials where possible.