Here I was given a brief to upcycle a client's existing chest of drawers bureau. I feel as designers it's really important to give existing furniture new leases of life. I, therefore, was excited to work alongside the client in breathing life back into the piece.
Due to the client living in coastal property in Cornwall I decided to go for a blue-hued colour palette in which each colour would represent an element of the bureau allowing the features to pop.



Over lockdown, I began collecting tins, jars and glass bottles. I felt that it would be interesting to see if they could be repurposed into new products which can be used and not thrown away, I used all existing yarn and string which I already had to cover the existing objects. This created a lovely textured finish. Due to my love for the sea I decided to include seaglass and shells on the exterior finish of the objects. This softened the finish but also added detailing and a connection to the natural environment.

All shells and sea glass sustainability sourced from local Cornish beaches.